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I am using this page to post some of my favorite versions of some of my songs. I put the mixes into Logic 9
and converted them into mp3s. The technology has changed, but the goal remains the same: great songs and great recordings.
More songs will be added soon. Enjoy.

A song about heartbreak, temptation, choice, and survival.
©1988 and 2010, PeteSounds Music.

Recorded on the Tascam 8-Track, Reel to Reel Porta Studio.

A great machine with a warm analog sound.
Also used: Lexicon Reverb, Aphex compression, Korg O1W, Guild D-25, AKG 414-BULS microphone.

(Demo Version)
This is one of several demos that I did before Yaron Gershovsky and I did the final (and appropriate) version for our album,
Brand New Lullabyes and Love Songs, Volume One.
Click here to hear a sample of the final version.
This demo was also done on the Tascam 8-Track, Reel to Reel Porta Studio.

Magellan T. Bear
New York based session-singer and contractor, Kim Wertz, asked me to submit a song for a children's show that was in development.
Magellan T. Bear was an explorer and adventurer. The show never got off the ground, but I've always loved this song.
I recorded it on the Tascam 8-Track.

This is a short vocal excerpt from "Trust," a song I wrote in 1988. It contains quadruple unisons and
a nice harmony reminiscent of the Beach Boys, Michael MacDonald, and Queen. Recorded on the Tascam 8-Track.

The Musical Bridge
I wrote and recorded this in 2005. The players include Yaron Gershovsky on keyboards and Gal Gershovsky on drums and percussion.
I play guitar, bass, and sing all the vocals. Produced by Rami Yadid at Yadidit Recording Studio, NYC. While this is not a final version, it contains many strong elements. Recorded on ProTools HD.

Peter Acapella
Here are two acapella examples of original songs that were recorded on my 20-bit, Alesis ADAT.
The accompanying music tracks are sure to be found one day. Until then, the vocals speak for themselves.
Lock Away Your Heart ~ I Just Wanna' Be Kissing You ~ Shower The People by James Taylor is not acapella.
However, while I was recording this demo, my ADAT caught on fire and smoke started pouring out of it. I had the ADAT repaired,
but soon after that, Protools took over the world. That is, until Logic X came along.

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