Peter Davis, MT-BC, LCAT
Music For Kids & Their Families ~ ~

Monday Morning Music

Monday Morning Music is a weekly workshop for preschool and school-age children and their moms, dads, and caregivers. Conducted in a comfortable and nurturing environment,
participants engage in music, movement, and merriment. Lyrics and recordings of Peter's original songs and beloved family classics, featured in the program, are provided online.
Maximum participants per session is ten children and their adults.

Monday Morning Music furthers development in the following areas critical to child development:

Social Interaction
Language Development
Music Appreciation
Hands on experience with the guitar and other instruments

Peter's songs focus on the unique character of the children and their developmental levels. For more information please contact Peter at

"Peter, we love your workshops!"
Mrs. Rabia Mitchell, NYC

"We greatly admire your rapport with very little people. Our heartfelt thanks for charming those little ones. I've never seen kids respond to musical entertainment like they do to you!"
The Bank Street School, NYC